Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Kvetching of Mona Davids

Oh Mona Davids is in an uproar again. Poor, poor, Mona, how her crocodile tears do flow.

The Daily News reported today that parents (And rightly so) are upset that the school day has been rescheduled in 450 to accommodate the 80 minutes of PD on Mondays and the 75 minutes of parent involvement on Tuesdays. Surely, Mona is happy with the article, her name is mentioned.

So of course Mona took to Facebook to spew off some propaganda and untruths (Click to enlarge).

Mona says in regard to the added time; How unfortunate it is that when it come to issues like this it always seems to be teachers first and students last.

Yeah, teachers really like this. You think the teachers asked for this? But guess what? Since 2005 there has been an added 150 minutes a week, 37 /12 minutes a day, added to school. The difference is that schools could have SBO votes and condense those 150 minutes into 2 or 3 days as my school did for years as well as other schools did. But schools can have SBO votes to spread out the time.

During the UFT teachers contract negotiations parents were NOT ALLOWED to have any input even though that contract affected 1.1 million public school students. 

Heck, the teachers had no say, why would Mona expect the parents to have a say?

Why do the teachers get the blame? The last The Crack Team checked the DOE also signed the contract. So why not kvetch about the DOE not allowing parental input? Besides, didn't the light of Mona's eyes, Campbell Brown, call for time after the school day for teachers to interact with parents? 

The Crack Team wonders if NYPD, FDNY, DC37, and other city unions have community involvement in their contract negotiations. In light of what transpired in Staten Island, where is Mona asking for involvement in current NYCPBA and NYC contract negotiations?

Now that some parents want to discus the quality of education via a tenure lawsuit that WAS NOT brought against the UFT, the UFT is using their legal muscle to bully their way on to the lawsuit because it affects their members.

Using muscle? The UFT must be the Corleone Family? Why doesn't Mona come clean and share who is funding her lawsuits as well as Campbell Brown's? Why doesn't Mona come clean and share specifically how the students and families she is using and giving false hope to were harmed? In fact Mona should have some guts and name these teachers.

An attack on one teacher, an attack on our rights, is an attack on all. But we shan't repeat what was already said.

Is it just me or does anyone else see the hypocrisy and the complete and total lack of respect the UFT has for parents when student needs clash with teachers needs?

Mona needs to stop with the histrionics. Oy vey! As one can see, Mona is growing desperate. She knows she has a losing case. She knows she sold her lackeys a bill of goods. She knows people are starting to see her for what she really is (here, here, here, and here). She and her Minion Sam Pirozzolo are starting to be exposed rather quickly and caught in their lies, double dealings, and hypocrisy. There is nothing left to do but to take the low ground. Like calling people a racist, right Mona? 

The NYC Parents Union has been shouting about this issue since the first moments after details of the new teachers contract were announced. But the DoE and the UFT have consistently ignored and played dumb about the situation.

Oh now Mona brings in the DOE. A few paragraphs back it is the UFT's fault. Mona can't make up her mind.

Is it possible the UFT and the DOE are not playing dumb or ignorant and just don't want to deal with Mona? 

The ironic part it has been the rank and file that has been the most vocal about this. The very same rank and file that Mona is attempting to destroy.

But Mona is in this for Mona. Let's put this to Mona; Mona, why not drive up the Thruway, or have Sam Pirozzolo chauffeur you, and fight for the students of East Ramapo? Go into the sheitls of Monsey, Kaser, and New Square and get a little educational pogrom happening? 

Why won't Mona advocate for the students of East Ramapo? Because there is no there there in Rockland County. No publicity, one newspaper, one radio station, and one cable news channel. Mona wants the accolades, the rewards, the parades.

Wait, there is the Rockland Boulders. Yes, The Crack Team will arrange for Mona to throw out the first ball at a Boulders game if Mona fights for the students of East Ramapo. There will be around 4,000 fans there to cheer Mona on. To applaud her. To ask her for autographs. It will be all Mona. 

That is unless we can raise about $5K and give it to Mona to flip sides. Again.

Come back to the five and dime, Mona Davids, Mona Davids.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Campbell Brown Distorts the Truth in Rochester

So today, it was Campbell Brown's turn to have her moment of attention in Albany. She , along with her followers, er, parents, filed a lawsuit today, Wright v NY, (In fact the lead plaintiff was written about on these pages in 2012) attempting to do away with tenure and due process for teachers. We know it is a frivolous lawsuit, we know that it's a copycat lawsuit, we know that MichelleRheeFirst and Wall Street are behind it and we know that those, like Campbell Brown and Mona Davids are desperate for relevancy and attention.

About a month or so ago when Campbell announced her intentions, she cited a family in Rochester that was allegedly treated appallingly by their daughter's (Then in 7th grade) teacher after the girl (The girl's name, as well as the family's name and teacher's name will not be published here) had written an essay about Fredrick Douglas.

The Nation of Islam has shared their version of the story. What happened? According to the story the student was;
...recently forced to endure the chastisement of her teachers, principal, and other school administrators for her response to a district-wide activity where students were asked to read The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, and write a brief essay explaining what the narrative meant to them.
Why? The student;
...composed a powerful essay comparing her own educational experiences with those of Douglass. Like him, she lamented that her peers did not like to read, and how difficult it was to obtain a decent education.
Hey, if she is write such a powerful essay, something very right must be happening in the classroom, no?

So what is the problem? It seems that;
According to the girl and her family, the following day the teacher approached Jada and stated that she was offended by what the student wrote.
When the student asked her why she was offended, the teacher stated that the student had used the term “White teachers,” according to the family.
The student says she told the teacher that she was talking about another teacher. The teacher’s response was, “Don’t talk about my colleague like that! Have you ever had a Black teacher? Did she teach you?” according to the young girl.

Remember the game telephone? This story can seem somewhat fantastical.

According to sources deep within the Rochester schools, the teacher said two things to the student. The teacher mentioned that she was disappointed that the student decided to paint all teachers will the same brush and that the student was stereotyping teachers. The teacher also asked the student;
"Don't I care about you?"

The teacher in question cared very much for the student. She was doing as any good teacher, or adult was doing, or I have, when dealing with a student or our child.

We try to impart that to make a blanket statement about a group of people is wrong. Not only that, but we need to base our statement, especially when we write or give our opinion, not supposition but on facts. The teacher was doing her job, the same way any parent would do, or the same way our employer would ask us to do if we had written something.

According to sources,  the student went home and mentioned this to mom. Either the student did not tell the whole story or did, and the proper context was not used, but the mom still got quite upset.

Our sources shared that even though the student loved the teacher and the teacher loved her, the mother, who had a great deal of respect for the teacher as well, insisted that the child be removed from the school post haste. The mother was given her choice of schools to choose from and the mother made the decision on where the student will go to school.

But it didn't end there. The mother then went to a extreme fringe group our sources tell us, could it be the Nation of Islam? Well whatever group it was, that group got in touch with another extreme group. The guys at The Blaze. Yep, Glenn Beck. Yes, the Glen Beck who has made such caring quotes about minorities as found here and here.

What happened? The student and her parents appeared on the Glen Beck Show. Since when does Glen Beck care about the people of the inner city? Since when does Glen Beck care about the people of color in this country? Glen Beck is an opportunist. Glen Beck, even when he is on his meds, is meshuga.

The family is being used. First by the NOI, next by Glen Beck, and now by Campbell Brown.

The teacher involved loves her job, loves her students, and this is the price that she must pay, for something that is just miscommunication?

Where is the verification of this incident having happened the way it was reported? If this truly happened the way it was reported why then is the teacher still teaching? Where are other stories of this teacher acting in the same manner? Were students in the class interviewed as part of the investigation? Were other teachers?

This incident is still under investigation and we don't know the entire story. Yet, Campbell Brown has no problem deciding what the truth is. Campbell Brown has no trouble using people to advance herself.

Think about it. Read the story in again. Read this. Make your own decision.

This lawsuit is about power, control, and money. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sam Pirozzolo's Hypocrisy Exposed

In light of today's story in the Daily News how Campbell Brown, the Bayou Schicksa, is now joining
the fray and about to file her own law suit (More to come on this story on these pages this week), we yet again must focus on the comedy stylings of The Crack Team's favorite source of material, Sam Pirozzolo.

Yes, this will mark the 7th blog post this month which shares the buffoonery that examines the logic belching out of Sam's mind. It is all too easy to take his thoughts apart and to show what a hypocrite and self-absorbed phony he truly is. The funny thing is, that it took us here at SBSB a couple of days to put 2 and 2 together to expose him. Again.

On his Facebook page, Sam mentioned how the Pomona Middle School, of the East Ramapo Central School District (Rockland County) has had its day extended by two hours (Click to enlarge);
Now we don't know if Sam knows where East Ramapo, Pomona, or Rockland County is. We do know that there is a White Castle on Route 59 in Nanuet not too far from Pomona and judging by Sam, he seems to be a fan of White Castle, so let's give him a slight benefit of the doubt.

But we are sure Sam does not know about the the East Ramapo Central School District and this is yet another instance of Sam exposing his ignorance, his selfishness, and how he has just morphed into some mindless minion of Mona's.

East Ramapo is one of the most corrupt school districts in the State of New York. The school board, of which there are nine members, is controlled by 7 Hasidic Jews. These 7 board members send their children to yeshivas, and have zero ownership to the school district other than paying taxes and making sure their taxes are as low as can be.

 Let's just start with how the school board OK'd the sale of an empty school, and to close, lease, and sell an open school to yeshivas for under the true valuation of each school. David Steiner, former state education commissioner, had to step in and stop both sales.

According to a April 2013 New York Magazine article, ERCD has since the time the Hasidim have taken control of the school board in 2005;

The new majority on the board cut taxes and budgets, angering the public-school community.
 cleaned out the district’s reserve fund during a deepening recession

the kindergarten school day was reduced by half. AP classes and ESL programs fell by the wayside. In the high schools, so many teachers have been laid off that students can’t fill their schedules

..floated a proposal to eliminate kindergarten altogether and shorten the school day for everyone else
At Spring Valley High School, which at one time was ranked in the top 500 in the United States; 
"The school’s deans, who had handled discipline, had been laid off, and many students started arriving at school very late or skipping it entirely. The security staff was also cut, and so fights became more frequent, and students often stayed shut in their classrooms until the halls cleared. Clubs were eliminated, as well as sports teams and the drama program, until the communal life of the schools dis­appeared and it seemed to Olivia Castor, another Spring Valley High School student, that the school board’s vision of education consisted of little more than “reading, writing, and arithmetic.”
 The one time president of the school board, an Orthodox Jew named Daniel Schwartz decided to tell those, a community mostly of immigrants and African-American's that disagreed with the board; 
"You don’t like it? Find another place to live.”
According to New York, for years, the Hasidim would hide their most disabled children, afraid to let them be seen in public. Soon, these children were being sent to private schools, but those schools cost money. How to save money, but keep them in the private schools? Have the board pay for the tuition, a packed board, a board that won't ask any questions;

Once they gained a majority, the district began to grant many more special-needs placement requests. It has granted so many, in fact, that the New York State Department of Education has formally notified the district that it is violating the law.

The board after it conducts district business in the open and then goes into closed session does not come back to take public comments until midnight. Parents and students must wait all night just to be heard! After one contentious meeting, the board’s attorney buttonholed a high-school senior and called him a “piece of shit.” Oh, let's not forget the board attorney, Chris Kirby screaming at the families and the children.

The Hasidim vote as a bloc. The Hasidim do not care one iota about the secular students and families of  East Ramapo. The Hasidim are sucking out the resources of East Ramapo for the own benefit.

Rockland County clergy have asked the state to take over the school district. The arts have been cut in East Ramapo.

The problems are just too numerous to list on these pages. Click here to read more of East Ramapo in the news.

But what is missing is the lack of involvement of NYC Parents Union, Minion Sam Pirozzolo, his handler Mona Davids, and Campbell Brown. These are real problems. Verifiable problems. Problems that are more important than a law suit because some teacher supposedly said something bad to a student.

Where is Mona? Where is Sam? Simple. Nowhere and they won't lift a finger to do anything. Why? Because it doesn't do them any good. Sam, because not one single soul can vote for him in East Ramapo and Mona, because she won't be coronated in Rockland County as she wishes to be in New York City.

The problems faced in East Ramapo are of the same cause, though not of the same veracity, statewide. This is systemic. It is not the teachers, it is the decision makers across school districts that pervert the learning process. These are the true enablers. Teachers don't have that kind of clout or power. But we are the easier targets.

These are real problems, real issues, and because it won't and can't advance Mona Davids and Sam Pirozzolo politically they won't lift a finger to do something.

Both of them are frauds.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jennifer Rogers Goes From Queens to Georgia

As readers of this blog know, we spent some time on discussing Jennifer Rogers (neé Jones) former principal of PS 29 in College Park, Queens on  these pages last year. In fact this post, was so well received, there were over 200 comments including several threats to myself apparently by people close to Rogers.

So what  has become of Jennifer Rogers since she was asked to supposedly separate from the NYCDOE?

The Crack Team received news today that Rogers is doing fine and dandy in Georgia and is now a Braves fan and believes the the team needs some bullpen help at the trading deadline.

Oh. That's not all. Rogers has started an educational consulting company named (And we are not exactly sure of the name but sharing the long convoluted form of it); Parent Education and Advocacy Empowerment Project.

Yes Rogers, is jumping on the "do-gooder" bandwagon and seems to be onlylooking to help the families two of the wealthiest communities in the Atlanta metro area; Buckhead and Brookhaven.

Gee, one would assume that these parents, these communities already have the resources if they want help, why not Cobb County, Southern Atlanta, or Clayton County? After all she is a former;
"...educational administrator, elementary school Principal, and consultant for Columbia University Teachers College."
Wait, nowhere in the above quote is it mentioned that she was a teacher. There have been rumors flying that she never taught, she seems to have confirmed this rumor.

I guess no one in those under privileged, poverty stricken communities can afford to shell out the $150 consultation fee, according to the company's Facebook page, to have an initial audience with her greatness.

But check out her "About Me" page (comments were added in red);
I am a former educational administrator, elementary school Principal, and consultant for Columbia University Teachers College. But first, I am a Mom Mozel Tov !
After the birth of our son, our family made the decision We think the NYCDOE upper echelon was involved in that decision I would stay home to raise our most precious gift Then why at this time last year you were planning on returning in September 2014?. Leaving behind a career I loved was hard We heard the decision was quite easy, but the work of being a parent provides the greatest joy I have ever known.

I dedicated my professional life to children through my work in the public education system And to destroying the careers of teachers, one lawsuit is in the works against Rogers, another soon to come. Now, I am looking forward to supporting parents, children and schools in a different role And just how did you support these parents at PS 280? At PS 29?. As an advocate, I am able to work to closely with parents and children to share my knowledge and help ensure children are receiving the appropriate interventions and services they need to grow and reach their potential Why are you not doing this for the children most in need of your services? The students that live in poverty?.

I look forward to working with you and your children!


Jennifer Rogers, Founder
Funny how Rogers didn't give students their correct IEP services... yet now she is touting that she knows how to go about making sure those needs are addressed. 

Me, me, me, me, is what The Crack Team finds is of most importance to Rogers. Again, she does what she can to put herself in the best possible light but refuses to even apologize or make amends to the upwards of 10 careers she either ruined or put in jeopardy.

We here at SBSB call for Jennifer Rogers to come clean, to speak the truth. And, more importantly, to work with and concentrate on, the most neediest children of the Atlanta Metro area.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sam Pirozzolo Cries Tears of a Clown

Everyone loves a clown, right?

Sam Pirozzolo is giving clowns a bad name.

But we here at SBSB appreciate Sam and the material he gives us. It's just too easy, like fishing for a whale in a barrel.

Sam must have been bursting with pride this morning when his handler, Mona Davids, posted this tweet with a link to a Facebook conversation on his wall;


What got Sam's bloomers all tied in a not? The UFT decided to add it's two cents against the frivolous lawsuit that Sam has placed his, and his children's names on, and decided to defend teachers. Gee, Sam, what is our union supposed to do, let the ignorant have their way?

So Sam took to Facebook and was promptly p3wned by some actual educators.

Sam blabbered; Once again the UFT shows that they are ONLY interested in themselves and their membership - not students. It's too bad that parents cound not intervine during the recent UFT contract negioations. Very selfish! Teachers union president Michael Mulgrew said in an affidavit that the litigation to curtail tenure would “undermine the quality of education in New York.” Hello!!-- Bad teachers undermine the quality of education in New York. 

How are they only interested in themselves? Is this not what a union is supposed to do? Is the UFT not supposed to advocate for it's members? Is Sam a member of the New York Society of Opticians? A group that purportedly is; 
" advance and improve the services of the New York State Licensed Ophthalmic Dispense..."
Advance? You mean at the expense of the patients with lobbying in Albany? Of course not! Ophthalmic dispensers would never sink that low, now would they? But why would there be a governmental affairs link on their page? Really? Would the NYSSO sully their hands in political donations?

They would and they have. In fact they have their own political action committee, the Opticians PAC. Check out more here, here (Jeff Klein got $$ and so did Ken Lavalle who Sam has donated to in the past), here, aqui, and here. And don't forget, one can donate to the Opticians PAC here!

Why would Ophthalmic Dispensers need their on PAC?  Does this PAC concern itself with the plight of optical clients or the ophthalmic dispensers? In fact, does the Opticians PAC have any clients as members? Does the PAC invite clients to sit in on major decisions that can affect ophthalmic dispensers? Perhaps a newsletter would show that the ophthalmic dispensers have the best interests of their clients at hand? Oops! We were wrong. But we here at SBSB do hope that Sam had a swell time at Turning Stone Casino at the annual NYSSO symposium. It makes one wonder if the costs, and the losses, at the symposium were passed along to the clients. 

Anyway, for those visiting upstate, stop in and say hi to the folks that run the Opticians PAC over at Buenau's Opticians in Delmar, NY. Tell them you are a union member and don't like what Sam is doing and receive a glass of wine on the house! 

Now back to more of Sam.

Sam in response to a comment defending tenure spewed on; And bad ones too? You have got to be kidding me XXXXX or are there no bad teachers!

Yes Sam, there are bad teachers, but you have yet to articulate what a bad teacher is. You have yet to give a definitive answer as to what a bad teacher is. Tell us. Please.

I apologize to all of the qualified, respectful, caring, loving, nurturing, competent, innovative, younger or older teachers who work with our children every day.

The vast, vast majority are these teachers. What about Francesco Portelos? Have you backed him? What about teachers that do stick out their necks for students everyday, that go against the grain and are harassed, set up, vilified? These are the teachers that need the tenure. The bad teachers, which Sam still can't articulate what is bad, the system works. 

"If you want to hear what I am saying then take your fingers out of your ears."  


And I am most sorry that your union will not recognize that there are just some teachers who must go because they make the rest of you look very bad.

No, we look bad because of the last 10 years. Teachers are more than willing to improve their craft, to teach, to work hard. But people like Sam and his cabal have done nothing other than to dump on teachers, to destroy education for their own ends. Why not sue to get teachers more support? Where was Mona during the 12 years of Bloomberg? Oh yeah, getting big $$$$ from the UFT.

I apologize that the UFT has financially contributed to so many politicians that they now own the education legislative agenda in New York and therefore leaving caring, unfunded, no voiced, bothersome parents with absolutely no choice but to have this horrible conversation by bringing about a lawsuit because it's the ONLY way we will be heard.

No, you don't apologize. You mean it. By the way, see the above about political contributions, etc...

no voiced, bothersome parents with absolutely no choice but to have this horrible conversation by bringing about a lawsuit because it's the ONLY way we will be heard.

Where have you ever had parents without voices? Bloomberg made sure parents have no voices, yet Sam was silent and he was president of CEC 31!! But Sam wanted that elected postion for he saw it as a springboard to bigger and greater things. That is what he is in this lawsuit. Sam sees only glory for himself in 2016. 

Parents are heard and seen. Just too many parents do not show up to Parent-Teacher conferences, don't look over their child's homework, don't show for school events. It is time for parents to take responsibility. 

So in all sincerity I say this, "While I don't believe all uft members are horrible, or selfish, I do believe the terrible ones don't deserve to be teaching our children."

BULLOCKS! And attack on one is an attack on all. Simple as that. 

Lastly; So if more good teachers like yourself had the courage to step forward and tell Mulgrew that enough is enough then the parents would not have to do it for you.

Sam has no idea what we tell Mulgrew. But, Sam just put his foot in his mouth again. We need the courage to tell Mulgrew what must be done. But, we also need the courage to advocate for our students, to not be abused by principals, to do the right thing by the parents. We lose tenure, our advocacy for the "right thing" ends. It will be over. And you know who will be hurt? The students. And you know who the students can than thank? Sam Pirzollo, Mona Davids. and Campbell Brown. Which will prove one thing.

That this triumvirate, this junta of the ill informed, are in this for themselves. Their own glory. Their own riches. 

Sam Pirozzolo cares alright, but it is only for himself.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

NYC Principal Arrested, Plans Imminent Career Advancement

The Daily News is always the first paper I read everyone morning without fail. As soon as I pick it up I check the back page (Sports) first and then check out the front page. Well lo and behold, my eyes bounced out of their sockets when I saw the headline (No! Not the new dolts on the left).

It's nice to see yet another principal of the NYCDOE take advantage of the free and easy to use career advancement plan offered for administrators through the DOE and the CSA. Get arrested, get caught in unethical activity, get a raise and career advancement. Just don't murder someone. The DOE must draw the line somewhere.

The Daily News reported today that Sadie Silver, principal of PS 28 in Bushwick was arrested;
"...Friday with Michael Acosta, 34, after cops caught the educator and her partner carrying heroin and prescription drugs into Coxsackie Correctional Facility."
Oops! Wait, there is more!

While at Coxsackie to visit an inmate at the maximum security prison, the News reports;
"Silver and Acosta face felony charges of promoting prison contraband and criminal possession of a controlled substance, as well as a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child, since they had a 10-year-old with them when they were collared."
Promoting contraband? They were smuggling heroin into the prison. Was this for the prisoner's personal use or for him to sell to the other inmates? And how was this heroin and suboxone (Used to fight opioid addiction), which which was also one of the drugs named, being smuggled into the prison?

The Crack Team posits an opinion. Since both Silver and her boyfriend were arrested, it would be safe to assume that the drugs were hidden on the person of the 10 year old, Silver's daughter, as the News reported.

Silver was subsequently hauled off to the Greene County Jail, made bail, and was immediately reassigned by the DOE.

But this is not Silver's first brush with taking advantage of the career advancement plan offered by the DOE. A few years ago, the News reported;
"...Silver was slapped with a $1,500 fine by the city Conflict of Interest Board for using her position to land her brother a data-entry job at her school."
Good thing she is a principal or she would be forced to follow Chancellor's regulation and New York State Criminal Law.

But be sure, even though what she did was heinous, especially with a child involved, we here at SBSB will expect that she has due process and that all procedures are followed.

But several things are under the collective skins of The Crack Team. Of course the seemingly turning their head, going through the motions of doing something to administrators (Here, here, here, here, here, and here of the many scandals). But where are the deformers jumping all over this story?

Nary a word from The Three Stooges of New York State attempting to separate teachers from due process. Nothing to be found here, here, here, or here!

Imagine if this had been a teacher in Coxsackie. How fast would those three be jumping up and down screaming that this teacher must be fired, to heck with due process? How fast would they be complaining about the system? How fast would they be tweeting about this?

Teachers are given too much power but the deformers. Is it not time these people start looking at management? They have the power, the make the decisions.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Delusions Within Campbell Brown's Mind

Everyone's favorite ed deformer, Campbell Brown is back in the Daily News today sharing her thoughts on the op-ed pages. This time she is attempting a new tact, claiming she is not attacking teachers at all but rather tenure. Yeah, sure. Let's have a looksee.

Campbell blabbers; The tenacious New York parents who are challenging the state in court have one goal in mind: ensuring that all of our public school children have good teachers.

No, not true. This is about two things. Control and publicity. Campbell has seen one too many Hilary Swank movies, and NYC Parents Union and their leader Mona Davids flies in which ever direction the wind blows. Throw enough money at Mona and she will drop the suit like a hot potato.

As for Mona's Minion, Sam Pirozzolo, if he was so interested in the plight of children why then, as a commenter in this blog post wrote of Sam; 
Wasn't it in 2007 that Sam joined the CEC? What did he do in those seven years to help get incompetent teachers out of schools. (People who work in schools know that thousands without the required skills leave each year.)

I understand that Sam was at the forefront of the DOE mob trying to lynch Francisco Portelos, but the issue there was never competence. We should look at Sam's record on the CEC to determine if tenure or teacher competence was ever an issue, or if this lawsuit is just another stunt to keep his political hopes alive.
 As for Campbell saying that public school children should have good teachers, one wonders what became of her and hers that used to claim that all children deserve great teachers? See, Campbell and her ilk can't make up their minds.

They know that research confirms the single greatest in-school factor in a child’s academic success is a good teacher.

Now we're into the greatest factor "in-house" is just a good teacher? Seems to us here at SBSB that not too long ago Campbell and her ilk were once claiming that the greatest influence in a child's education is a great teacher. What gives? 

So when opponents claim this lawsuit is an attack on teachers and their rights, that argument is more than disingenuous.

No, it is not disingenuous. It's true. Like the calls for divestment in Israel is an afront to Jews and Israeli's, to the far right attacking all Muslims, Campbell and her ilk are attacking teachers. Yet, Campbell and Mona, we are sure, will claim that the recent recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision and Rush Limbaugh's birth control spiels are an attack on all women, right (Just for the record, none of us here at SBSB support the Supreme Court decision nor Rush Limbaugh's comments)?

Under New York law, schools must decide after just three years whether teachers are granted tenure — a supreme level of job protection that can amount to permanent employment.
Three years is an eternity. In fact, cops and firefighters in NYC are off probation after 18 months. And please stop saying permanent employment. There is no such thing. I have spoken with friend who work for NYPD, FDNY, DSNY, and it is just as difficult to terminate one of them.

State law makes it nearly impossible to dismiss teachers who have been identified as ineffective.

The system works if there is true incompetence. The system is abused by administrators who lie and cheat. Is it not up to the employer to make sure there is a paper trail. Yet, we are still awaiting Campbell to explain what is ineffective. In fact in a tweet to me the other day, a deformer said that one of the qualities of an ineffective teacher is a teacher that "leaves when the school day ends." Really?

And in times of layoffs, the teachers who get priority to keep their jobs are those with seniority, regardless of how well they teach.

Same with cops, firefighters, sanitation workers, parks employees, etc... Sorry but the is the fairest method. It makes sure there is no favoritism or politics. 

Put together, those three provisions hurt our ability to ensure that every child in the state has an effective teacher. Yes, there are other important steps to improve strong teacher quality and equity, including better starting salaries and higher pay for teachers in the most in-demand fields.
So, throwing money at teachers and all will be fine? What about respect, ending the harassment, smaller class size, materials, a real curriculum? Why isn't Campbell asking and advocating for these? 

But what has driven parents into action is a system of laws that knowingly undermines success.

A few parents. Parents that are part of a cult of personality and parents that are manipulated. 

So let us dispense with the absurd: Seeking good teachers for all does not mean you are somehow going after teachers. It means you are working to end laws that are not in the interests of children.

Tenure does protect children. It gives teachers the ability to advocate and speak out for what is right for the children.

Has Campbell bothered to read Arthur Goldstein's Daily News column the other day? Or what about in 2008-2009 when I kept reporting to OSI that the AP at PS 154, Derrick Townsend was physically abusing students? OSI did nothing, I wrote about the absurdities going on at the time. Or when I went on FOX5 to report the abuses? I never would have been able to do what I did, nor what Arthur does and countless like him, if there was not tenure.

In fact, some of those who feel strongest about removing incompetent teachers are other teachers themselves.
Who? Which teachers? Educators 4 Excellence?

The lawsuit is not intended to erode any teacher’s right to due process. And it will not.

Oh yes it is.

For starters, all teachers, with or without tenure, have a baseline of due process rights.

Yes, we will agree to that to a point. The problem is, teaching is an art, teachers are artisans. What one might see as ineffective teaching, another might see as good teaching.

One student, or one parent might think that Mr X is the best teacher ever while another student and parent might think Mr X is horrible.

I love Jackson Pollack. My wife, an artist detests his work. Who is right?

...the goal here is only to make sure that system actually makes sense, without undercutting our kids’ constitutional rights.

But going after a teacher's Constitutional rights, that's OK? See, Campbell wants teachers that are accused of sexual and physical abuse to NOT be afforded any Constitutional rights. Even if they are found not guilty, or penalized without being terminated, she wants the "verdict" to be overturned by the chancellor. How then is that due process?

One more thing. Maybe I am missing something, and if I am wrong will admit it, but where in the New York State Constitution does it give any credence to what Mona, Sam, and Campbell or attempting to do?

The nation’s top school official, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, has summed it up well: Tenure itself is not the issue.

Whew! Arne is mentioned, then this must be a good idea!

Job protections for effective teachers are vital to keep teachers from being fired for random or political reasons.

Where? Does Campbell mean this, which RiShawn Biddle was so good to share with me.

What RiShawn and Campbell fail to realize, as well as Minion Sam Pirozollo and his handler Moan Davids fail to realize is who exactly is and is not covered by the above. Read on; 

The disciplinary procedures described below are those set forth in statute. The contracts negotiated between State employee unions and the Governor's Office of Employee Relations have substituted "Contract Disciplinary Procedures" for these provisions. Thus, the following information applies mainly to Managerial/ Confidential employees and persons not in a negotiating unit or subject to the Taylor Law. 
How can so many people just be so clueless and so in love with their thoughts inside their heads?  
The parents behind the New York case are fighting for effective teachers. No one should undermine them by misrepresenting their motivations.

No, the parents of New York are being used as pawns by Campbell Brown, Sam Pirozzolo, and Mona Davids. Hey, it's a triumvirate. A triumvirate is a group of 3, like...Robbie, Chip, and Ernie? Nope. Athos, Porthos and Aramis? No. Patty, Maxene, and Laverne? Nope, not them. Ah, Moe, Larry, and Curly.

Campbell Brown, Mona Davids, and Sam Pirozzolo are undermining the parents of New York State. They, and only them, are using parents and students by giving them false promises, false hope, and it is them that are creating the problem. Veraga is such a weak case that is almost a certainty to be overturned. 
Just remember where Mona got her bread buttered. Remember that Sam Pirozzolo did nothing, absolutely nothing to improve District 31 or advocate for students at MS 31. And not only does Campbell Brown have this innate fantasy of teaching is, but she has stayed silent as thousands of children in Iraq have been maimed and killed due to decisions her husband, Dan Senor, was involved in. If she is so for the kids, where was she for the children of Iraq?