Saturday, October 10, 2015

UFT Solidarity Goes Blah, Blah, Blah

In case you missed it, The Chief, the civil service newspaper did a piece on the upcoming UFT elections entitled "Bid to Topple Mulgrew in Next UFT Election", written by Dan Rosenblum.

Dan focused on the two factions, or caucuses, that are attempting to unseat Unity; MORE/New Action and of course UFT Solidarity. For MORE/New Action Dan spoke with former UFT presidential candidate and MORE member James Eterno, currently an ATR social studies teacher, former chapter chair at Jamaica High School, elected to UFT exec board for ten years, and union delegate from Middle College High School (What a resume!), and the leader of UFT Solidarity. The priorities could not have been more striking and contradictory.

James takes a holistic approach to the travails that are facing teachers;
“Evaluations of Teachers based on student test scores has got to go,” Mr. Eterno said. “Not 20 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent or whatever percent; it should be zero percent.”
Bravo James. Think about it. James takes something, the evaluations, and knows that this beast needs to be toppled before everything else we want can to fall into place. Remove the onerous evaluation system and the vast majority of abuses against teachers will dissipate a great deal. This is thinking realistically, thinking of the greater good, and truly thinking like an adult.

Speaking of the back pay James goes on to say;
“Now the city has a $5.9- billion surplus; they certainly could have afforded to have given us the retro money from 2009 to ’11 now instead of making us wait,” he said. We’re optimistic that this is going to be an opposition slate that does better than we’ve seen in decades.”
Well thought out points. Not bad for someone who can't even be a chef in a 5 star restaurant.

On the other hand, we learn that UFT Solidarity team is  "still coming together" even as it nominates those with curious resumes, advocating those who claim they are lawyers, and makes one question whether or not 20 years later, that a nominee of theirs is officially a UFT member.

But again, UFT Solidarity shows it is a One Trick Pony in that it is seen as only an...
"...advocate for educators who feel they have been cast aside by the Department of Education, including those in the Absent Teacher Reserve and probationary Teachers who are dismissed by administrators before they are granted tenure."
Here is a observation. While we here at SBSB feel for the probationary teacher that has been unfairly terminated by the DOE, they sadly are not UFT members. We here at SBSB wish to know how many of these non-UFT members are in decision making roles of UFT Solidarity and if any are, should they be making decisions that can affect membership?

But the leader of UFT Solidarity shared a warning, formidable words for Mayor Bill de Blasio;
"Our thing is: go out there, speak to the Mayor, collaborate as much as possible, but if members’ rights are going to be attacked, if students are going to be neglected, then we’ll definitely increase the knob on activism,”
Well darn, that is the one of the few times we have heard of students coming from UFT Solidarity, but gosh darn, one can assume upon reading this that Mayor de Blasio crapped his pants from fear. 

The UFT Solidarity leader also pointed out that support comes from Facebook...
"comments that tell 'a different story' of a disconnect between the union’s leadership and its rank-and-file members."
Yes, but of course no disconnect comments between the the rank and file and UFT Solidarity are allowed. But again, we are talking about maybe between a dozen and two dozen that continually tithe UFT Solidarity with sycophancy.

The UFT Solidarity leader also said...

" was too early to quantify the slate’s support, but counted about 100 active members, a number that he said sounded low, but was high compared to other groups."
Just 100 active members? We stand corrected here at SBSB and wish to apologize for claiming that there were 66 active members of UFT Solidarity. With 100 members you know what this means? That there are 34 more to not show up at the mass rallies that UFT Solidarity sponsors, that UFT Solidarity has hit triple digits, and begs the question, how many of these 100 are current UFT members?

One interesting thing that was published in this article were some statistics. In 2010 Mulgrew received over 41,000 votes and in 2013 received nearly 36,000 votes. So it is save to assume that somewhere between 41k and 36k votes are needed.

Since the leader of UFT Solidarity has already proclaimed months ahead of time that UFT Solidarity will win the presidency of the union one would ask, where are these votes coming from?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fun With Truthiness With Bronx Bridges High School AP (Formerly of PS 154x) Rajendra Jimenez Jailall

Bear with me while I get to the punchline that is Rajendra Jimenez Jailall.

Regarding my informal observation by Mr J in October of 2012, The Bowtie under direct examination was asked; 
Was this observation based on the  Danielson Framework for Teaching?
To wit The Bowtie replied;
I don't know. I'm referring to the box that you asked about, not to my knowledge.
Really? Really, Raj? Is that the story you wish to stick with?

As we listen to this it appears that The Bowtie's memory is askew, he misremembered, has a bout of truthniness, or just out and out lied.

In fact he believed his truthiness he kept it going under cross;
Q. Do you recall telling Mr. Zucker  during that post observation conference that this observation report was based on Danielson? A. Pardon? Q. Do you recall during that post observation conference telling Mr. Zucker that this observation was based on Danielson? A. Not to my memory do I recollect saying  that it's based on Danielson. I don't remember that.
Don't remember, yet he remembers so much more. How is that possible?

But here is my favorite part when in the post observation meeting The Bowtie told me that this informal will not count towards by final rating. Have a listen. Heck, he liked it so much that this informal was not going to count towards end of the year rating he told the story again (LISTEN HERE!)!

Oh, and one more thing from this meeting. Listen here as I ask The Bowtie to stay after school with me one evening and just listen to how he tries to get out of it.

It is so sad that Raj could not be a man and own up to what he did. Funny how karma came the following year and he was a target of DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D of PS 154 in the Bronx. So much for kissing ass, huh Raj?

A couple of years ago I met some teachers from his old school, PS 28 in the Bronx. He was so incompetent as a classroom teacher and without any classroom management he was moved up to Staff Developer. At this point, I was told, everything just went to his head and his ego just took off.

Its really no surprise he is a product of Teachers College and the only reason he is at Bronx Bridges High School is he is friends with the principal, Nelsie Castillo. Think about it. Why does a school with an enrollment of 309 need two AP's?

Teachers of Bronx Bridges, do not trust this man.

and always they're amazed when I show them 'round my house to my bed
I had it made like a mountain range with a snow white pillow for my big fat head-
Gabriel, Peter 1986

Monday, October 5, 2015

Exposing Bronx Bridges AP (And former PS 154x AP) Rajendra Jimenez Jailall

As promised, there is more about the most inept AP ever, Rajendra Jimenez Jailall.

As has been previously reported on this pages, Mr J, or as he was affectionately known, Mr Bowtie, had promised me a demo lesson which never came to fruition. In his cross examination at my 3020-a hearing Mr J was asked;
"Do you recall if Mr. Zucker asked you during that post observation conference if you could provide him with a demo lesson?"

Mr J, being the man that he is replied;
"Not to my knowledge. Whether he asked for it, but we had Teacher's College working in the building and there was an opportunity for demonstration lessons to occur, but I don't remember that specifically."
Now mind you, the first time I asked for a demo lesson from Mr J was November 9, 2012. At this point I had zero staff development on the Cult of Lucy Calkins nor had a TC hack come to visit me. But I digress. The cross examination continued with him still being asked about me asking for a demo lesson.
Q.You don't remember him specifically asking you to provide him with a demo lesson? Mr J: Right.  Q. And what is a demo lesson to your understanding? Mr J:  That's when someone models a lesson about how to deliver a lesson.
That he doesn't recall, but he remembers the notebooks. Let's refresh his memory.

Listen here as Mr J promises me a demo lesson on November 9, 2012. 

But maybe we should give Mr J the benefit of the doubt, no? Perhaps he misremembered? What about when I asked him on January 31, 2013 for a demo lesson (Listen here) and his response to my request was;
"Absolutely, but before I do that DR Coviello will send you to a workshop with a TC representative , and we'll talk further on that. But if you want a demonstration lesson from me, fine, OK, (And here he tries to intimidate me in tough guy voice) but whatever I decide to demonstrate you will do it we'll talk about it."

I'm still waiting that demo lesson Raj! Where is it? Even the first week of March of 2013 when I asked DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D. of PS 154 in the Bronx and she replied (listen here!).

I've always believed that I had never received those demo lessons because it went against the grand plan of the conspiracy that DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D. of PS 154 in the Bronx had hatched against me. But then again Mr J, or Mr Bowtie never gave me those lesson plans because he was just to inept and incompetent to give me a demo lesson.

Listen here as Mr Bowtie attempts to explain how to integrate Character Education and The Cult of Lucy Calkins.

What a maroon. One would assume that Raj would have decided to be a man. How sad.

That's it for now, stay tuned for more fun with audio and the most inept AP ever, Rajendra Jimenez Jailall.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Former PS 154x Assistant Principal Rajendra Jimenez Jailall Makes Empty Promises and Blames Me

So how is that lawsuit going you might ask? Well, it is chugging along slowly.

I last mentioned the lawsuit that we filed against DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D. of PS 154 in the Bronx, the DOE, and Yolanda Torres back in August.

Discovery was supposed to be in on September 11, 2015 and so far we have received squat. Better yet, on August 19, 5 days before we went to Lake George we received the discovery request from Michael Agona's attorney Richard F.X. Guay of Meyer, Suozzi, English, & Klein, P.C. along with the Interrogatories. Interesting how they gave me three weeks to get what they want yet we have given them 6 months...and more!

Because I have an extremely ethical attorney in Bryan Glass he kept on top of me to get my tush in gear to finish those darn Interrogatories. It's been tough. What with the holidays and me looking for a job every day for several weeks I just could not do it. But I finally finished it.

One interrogatory that comes to mind is when I am asked who told me that I would be given notebooks to use for my Character Education Through Literacy (Always add the "Through Literacy" or DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D. of PS 154 in the Bronx will plotz!) and when.

Simple. It was the most inept Assistant Principal ever, Rajendra Jimenez Jailall. He is not at 154 anymore, but currently the AP at Bronx Bridges High School (God he couldn't deal with 3rd graders how is he doing this?). DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D. of PS 154 in the Bronx effectively neutered him his last year at 154 the 2013-2014 school year.

We even supported Mr J as we called him, or sometimes Mr Bowtie, when he was shat upon by DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D. of PS 154 in the Bronx. But he was just too neutered to do anything and just tucked it under and slank away.

But Mr J and myself had a meeting on November 9, 2012 in which he promised to get me notebooks (Listen here).

No remember that I had this program thrust upon me in a conspiracy between DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D. of PS 154 in the Bronx and NYCDOE consultant Michael Agona two days before school started. I had taught Character Ed. before but I not integrating it with the cult of Lucy Calkins.

I never received the notebooks from Mr J. Instead all I received were about 300 pocket folders. But so much could have been taken care back in September if I just followed what BFF AP Jessica Cruz testified to in my 3020-a hearing.
So the procedure for getting supplies  for students at the beginning of the school year--and  this is a practice that, I mean, we all learn in  Teachers School. You write "Welcome letters" to your  parents introducing yourself and teachers ask for  supply lists. And so, students typically would come  with the supplies to school for students that can't  afford or don't bring all the supplies, then we can  make accommodations.
We learn this in teacher school? Did the dance teacher have to do this? The art teacher? I had been a cluster before and never was I asked to send a letter home for supplies. Only homeroom teachers had done that. But even if I was supposed to why did DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D. of PS 154 in the Bronx mention this to me or in any of the write ups I had in the beginning of that school year or what did not BFF AP Jessica Cruz inform me of this on our September 29 meeting?

But it gets better, BFF AP Jessica Cruz goes on;
So Mr. Zucker had asked Mr. J for folders
No I didn't. Listen again, it was offered to me.

But BFF AP Jessica Cruz is not done with me yet...

So as I mentioned, the schools are not in the policy or the habit of providing supplies for  all classroom teachers I was a cluster not a classroom teacher for the school year, which is the reason why teachers all write letters to parents welcoming them--introducing themselves and welcoming  their children to the classroom classroom teachers do, and they do it in June and not clusters, and also include a  list of supplies that you would need. In addition to  that, we do have a supply closet, and there are some  supplies in there. So if a student doesn't bring, or if a classroom happens to just have a group of students where most parents didn't supply the  materials then we would provide for that class. You  know, it would be for that specific--because that  class has a specific need. In addition to that,  teachers receive Teacher's Choice, and Teacher's Choice is monies that are given to teachers by the  Department of Education to provide--to buy supplies for students or for their classroom, and it would encompass anything from crayons and markers and paper  to even, like, an overhead projector. I spent over $100 of my money to get that classroom ready!So the  Teacher's Choice usually comes around December so how could I get notebooks for December?, and teachers have--it's either a direct deposit or an  actual check that's handed to teachers. The teachers  have to August--before the school year kicks off--  until March to use up the monies, and they just have  to provide receipts for what they've purchased. 

See, BFF AP Jessica Cruz had come to informally observe me on November 8, 2012. My meeting with Mr J, to discuss my informal observation of a month earlier was about to take place, the next day. At this point when BFF AP Jessica Cruz came into informally observed me my meeting with Mr J had yet tot take place so that I can learn from my previous observation!

And how did Mr J testify?
Q. Mr. Zucker asked you for student notebooks for his students? 
A. Yes, there was a request for notebooks.
WRONG RAJENDRA!! You offered the notebooks, twice (Listen to the second time in the same meeting)!

But who's fault is it that I never was told of sending a letter home, getting the notebooks, and getting folders instead... at the end of December? Of course, it was my fault.

Why was it my fault? I know dumb question.

If my name was Joe Smith I never go through this crap.

Next of me asking the most inept Assistant Principal ever, Rajendra Jimenez Jailall, for a demo lesson in November than January and he promising it and never following through. Oh, and let's not forget me asking the most inept Assistant Principal ever, Rajendra Jimenez Jailall, that I can stay late one day a week after school and if he can work with me on setting up my learning environment and hear how he blows me off. That and more next time!

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Last week an interesting blog post came across the news desk here at SBSB. The blog, NYCEYE, written by some unknown teacher, wrote a rather interesting, yet silently scathing post, concerning the continued "myopic vision" of UFT Solidarity.

We touched on that vision of UFT Solidarity back in July with this post. That for all it's bluster, all it's social networking, there is no there there, and UFT Solidarity sticks around the more one realizes it is not just the UFT's "Schlemiel Caucus" but seems like with every waking day it is turning into the UFT's "Potemkin Caucus" and nothing more than a One Trick Pony.

Just as a cat arches it's back, raises it's fur, and goes sideways to make it look bigger than it really is, UFT Solidarity does the same thing as well. It is all bluster, no substance and it is designed to suck in the most vulnerable UFT members with big promises, braggadocio, and using really "cool" technology.

Hey, it is super that UFT Solidarity "fights" for the teacher that has been excessesed, discontinued, ATR, shat upon, but what else is there to UFT Solidarity?

What else is there to UFT Solidarity other than to chastise Unity and contradict Mulgrew and pals day in and day out.

Now, don't get us wrong here at SBSB. Those are all noble things to fight for, but there is so much more.

How will UFT Solidarity be sure to protect our pensions? What can UFT Solidarity do to help all of us to become the best possible teachers we can be? How will UFT Solidarity grow our union into charter schools? What about the Teacher's Center's? How will UFT Solidarity work with membership that has psychological needs? Need to battle substance abuse? How will UFT Solidarity work with a mayor and/or governor that is not empathetic to our needs? How will UFT Solidarity engage the community? How will UFT Solidarity relate with the City Council? How will UFT Solidarity fight testing? Evaluations? What about the students living conditions? Poverty? Curriculum? Graduating rates?  God, the list can go on and on.

Just as important, how will UFT Solidarity deal with those that criticize it, not just from the media, government agencies, and the general public, but from the rank and file?

This ATR issue is nice. The ATR Alliance on Facebook or whatever it is called now, was not in any way a creation of UFT Solidarity. But there are only about 300 members, and not all are ATR's.

Is the ATR vote in the pocket of UFT Solidarity when there are almost 2,000 ATR's? I know of many ATR's that love being an ATR. Most of these of thisclose from retirement and happy not to deal with the day in and day out crap of being in a school.

Which brings us to this. How many of those likes on the UFT Solidarity Facebook page, or just UFT Solidarity's 75 or so members are actually UFT members? Many are discontinued, terminated, etc...

Anyway, enough of us. Please enjoy reading this blog post by NYCEYE (We took the pleasure of highlighting some of the highlights!).

Just one word first. Though we support social activism and respect our colleagues in MORE in their fight for social justice, we differ on when and how to accomplish this.

We here believe that our bed must be in order first, or at the very least start being made, and then we can concentrate on the social justice aspect of MORE. In no way to we degrade nor have any animosity towards those that feel differently. MORE is a true tent. 

A novice United Federation of Teachers (UFT) caucus, Solidarity, is making a premature run for the 2016 union election. Much attention has been given to related personal controversies. This article takes the opportunity to look at the caucus, its origins and its campaign program or platform.

The caucus had in its genesis an intense opposition to both the MORE Caucus and the Unity Caucus statements of empathy for Eric Garner, who was killed in a chokehold by New York Police Department officers. In the nearly one year since, deadly police brutality, particularly against people of color, has become the civil rights issue of the nation. People from across the political spectrum were shocked and quite disappointed when a grand jury issued no indictment against any of the officials involved in killing Garner. This is important to recall when considering the character and principles of the caucus.

In its founding it insisted on staying narrowly focusing on teacher issues and on eschewing any attention to any other concerns beyond teachers' issues. Yet, while it appropriates the images of Albert Shanker, Unity Caucus leader of the UFT, it ignores that more largely, the labor union movement has taken stances of solidarity with civil rights activists and anti-war activists. It ignores that in 1957 the American Federation of Teachers dismissed locals that refused to desegregate. It ignores that the United Auto Workers, the AFT and other unions marched in solidarity in the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington.  It ignores that strikes have had their greatest popularity when they had reached out to the community. Witness the work that the Lawrence 1912 Bread and Roses textile strikers did in reaching out to the community prior to their strike. Witness the parallel work that the Chicago Teachers Union has done when it took a year of community outreach in preparing for its 2012 strike. The CTU won widespread parent support after making sure to have a two-way dialog to understand the concerns of parents and students, instead of simply pursuing an employee-centered contract and strike campaign. Teacher-community partnership continues to this day in other examples such as St. Paul, Minnesota

Hypocritically, in the quest for allies for its caucus once it had an election in mind, it opportunistically parted from the caucus' founding principle to eschew larger issues of the community and solicited support from a community anti-high-stakes testing group, Change the Stakes.

Now, let us look at the Solidarity Caucus' platform and what is missing

While it gives attention to the special needs of Absent Teacher Reserve teachers (ATRs) where others are silent, this is almost where its issue attention ends. It does not look to the experiences of the regularly assigned teachers. One wonders if the authors even consulted regular classroom teachers. There is no specific discussion about the Danielson Framework, the New York State-dictated Measures of Student Learning (MOSLs) or other aspects of New York City's Advance teacher evaluation system. There is no attention to structural dynamics such as mayoral control, which determine the parameters of what the City Department of Education can do. There is no attention to the Common Core State Standards, which are alienating teachers from their profession and are alienating students from learning. There is no attention to the parent-student solidarity movement which is so essential for teachers who are suffering under the over-testing regimen, the opt-out movement. 

The caucus platform includes complaints about the use of tests in value-added metrics to evaluate teachers. However, the platform does not recognize how the testing emphasis is directly linked to other larger issues, some of which are issues that lead directly to the excessing of teachers into the ATR category: the DOE's testing focus narrows the latitude of what teachers can do in the classroom, the testing focus on core academic subjects crowds out attention to non-core subjects such as foreign language, the arts or physical education. Moreover, the platform studiously ignores larger social-economic-political realities. It ignores that there is a corporatist campaign by politicians in both major parties and an economic privatization campaign by privatizers that capitalize by the test-based stack ranking (rank ordering) of teachers and students and overall privatization of curricula, tests and schools.

Additionally, the caucus program's focus on the teacher involves an ignoring of the effect of the high-stakes tests on students themselves. It ignores the emotional stresses upon students and the attendant alienation from the schooling process in this overall climate of high-stakes testing and driving non-tested subjects out of the curriculum. Just as a decent doctor would care about a patient personally and their living and working conditions and how those impacted the person's health, one would hope that teachers would care about their student charges and the factors that impacted on their life. Just as one commenter on a blog in reaction to the formation of the caucus by saying that he cared about the living conditions of the students, I would echo those points. Teachers are choking under the attacks by corporatist politicians and by privatizatizers, and more rank and file teachers are recognizing this. Yet, Solidarity has made a big conceptual error to ignore this larger context in their program. In this sense, it is mirroring the conceptual errors that conventional, mainstream unions or caucuses, that Michael Mulgrew and the Unity Caucus makes.

Teachers ought to consider the larger social conditions impacting on students. As emphasized previously on this blog, income disparities are extreme in this nation and within the nation, income inequality is more extreme in New York city and state. (See this posting re inequality in the city; and regarding poverty impact on learning see introductory comments at this blog posting.) The stresses of race and class inequality impact on students' lives and negatively impact their educational performance. From issues of police mistreatment of youths of color to profound personal emotional stresses of poverty, these experiences inform the lived reality of the children that we teach in our classrooms. If we wish our students to have the best educational experience, we as teachers should not only attend to our own craft, our own performance, but we should also be concerned with recognizing the social inequality; we should work to change that inequality. This is why I am a social justice education unionist.

There are many aspects about the organizing tactics of the key personalities in the caucus that are at once deceptive and deeply disturbing.  Most recently, a social media page connected with the group has been created. A Solidarity page headline boasts an army of 10,000. It turns out that the organizers of the page snatched up 10,000 names and made them --unwittingly, mind you-- into "supporters." This is putschist organizing at its basest.

New exploitative techniques in political deception on Facebook:
Just when you thought it could not get worse. The leader of Solidarity has taken the names of a few dozen well-known opponents of Michael Mulgrew and posted their names in Facebook postings. The risk is that the uninitiated would think that these persons endorse the Solidarity cult.
Doublethink alert:
The Solidarity leader ignores that the New Action caucus supports Michael Mulgrew in every election in NAC's quid pro quo for executive board seats, and he cries foul when Mulgrew and Unity opponents challenge his desire to ally with NAC, questioning whether they are truly an opposition caucus. Yet, Solidarity claims to oppose Mulgrew and Unity. Thus, this is a classic example of doublethink: the ability to hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time, especially used in political indoctrination. If you cannot be clear how Solidarity leaders think, can you be clear where their true convictions lie?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Getting Goosed at MS 72 in Queens

This comes to us from  the same source at MS 72 that fed us info for our May post about MS 72,
"Animal House Comes to PS 72 in Queens".

This is one wacky House, er, we mean, school. Where is Mandy Pepperidge and Babs Jansen when you need them?

When last The Crack Team checked, Geese are a nuisance that leave doody on golf courses and baseball fields across the Northeast. The destroy greens and tee boxes and worse, if you hit a goose according to USGA Rules of Golf, Rule 27-4...
"if a ball hits a goose in the head the ball can not be cleaned and there will be a one stroke penalty."
Worse, Rule 27-5 states....
"if a ball lands in goose doody, a drop from the point of impact must be from whilst standing on top of the pile, and will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty."
A better idea would have been to have Bluto, Otter, Flounder, D-Day, and Boone and the whole gang from Delta House come over and and give the staff of MS 72 PD.

Instead all they got was Neidermyer and Marmalard. So sad.

More On MS 72 Queens.

Ah, yes, those wonderful staff development days are just around the corner. Which, of course, leads me to  reflect on staff development days in past years.

Ah, MS 72.  Last year, when principal Omotayo Cineus came back to school fresh from an Alpha Kappa Alpha convention (along with half a dozen of her fellow colleagues, er, Kappas), and sought to motivate and encourage us with all of the wisdom she acquired at said convention.

What a meeting that was. 

The meeting began with a series of inside jokes shared among the Kappas, who were all seated at two tables right up front – the equivalent of front and center floor seats at a One Direction concert (though not as cute), while the rest of us tried not to roll our eyes so hard they got stuck that way.  

She began with a motivational speech – you know, where teacher are compared to super heroes, magicians, or saviors. Except, in this case we were compared to …..




Yup. However many days at an AKA conference, and the best she could come up with was… GEESE.

It began with an analysis of goose behavior. See, apparently, geese work as a “team” – they HONK. See, they fly in formation and “honk” to encourage the lead goose to stay strong,  keep flying, and don’t give up.  And when the lead goose, in spite of encouraging honks from his/her co-geese, just can’t keep it up, there is another goose ready to take the lead, encouraged by more honking from his/her co-geese.

Now, for the “real world” connection.

Ms. Cineus said that as teachers and colleagues, we are like the geese.  We have to take the lead, and do that through “high quality honking”.  And that we must always ask ourselves, “When I honk, is my honking of high quality? Am I really honking in a positive way, or is my honking less than what it should be?”  She elaborated, saying that if morale in the building is low, it is because we (teachers) are NOT participating in “high quality honking” and are instead “failing to support” our colleagues, who are leading the flock and need “encouraging honking” from us to keep moving forward. She told us that we need to “BE THE GOOSE AND HONK!!!!”

So, along with all the paperwork, violent and disrespectful students, and lack of administrative support in this building, we also have to make sure that we participate only in “HIGH QUALITY HONKING”. Because as teachers, that’s what we do.  We must channel the goose, become one with the goose, and BE  THE GOOSE!!!

Funny,  as a Long Islander, I’ve seen MANY flocks of geese.   I always thought that geese pretty much simply honk, shit, and make more geese. 

Seems like at MS 72, we have two out of three.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Live on the Radio this Tuesday

I'm back!

Yes, it has been a while, but this Tuesday, September 29, 6:30 AM I am back on the Bob Marrone Morning Show in 1230 WFAS-AM.

The signal reaches into Rockland County, up to Mt Kisco, through the Bronx, and the northern shore of Nassau County. 

If you are unable to listen over the air there are options. 

You can listen online, simply going to or on your device through the app for either iPhone or Android, or online or through the app from iHeart radio.

We'll catch up on the latest with me as well as touch on the upcoming union elections too, as well as other hot button education matters, like opting out, the power grab of education in Albany, etc....

Don't forget to listen in and call in as well at phone# 914-693-5700 at 6:30 AM