Monday, February 8, 2016

UFT Solidarity: Francesco Portelos Drops His Pants Being Wrong Yet Again

In the past I have started off a blog post using a quote from Rush, or made use of a Star Trek quote somewhere in a post. For those who still have one foot in living in their parents basement as do I, this is your lucky day. I am using quotes from both a Rush (War Paint from 1989's Presto CD) song and from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Please bear with me, the point will soon be evident. 

"All puffed up with vanity/We see hear what we want to see hear"

"....but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target"

Both lines fit Portelos better than his trousers do!

 As many know, Jia Lee, MORE/New Action candidate for UFT president appeared with me on my quite rudimentary Internet radio show this past Thursday. In the issue of being fair I extended an invitation to UFT Solidarity Leader Francesco Portelos to appear as well. His reaction is here;

First, thanks to Portelos for choosing me to help him pass the time on his drive to Albany. I usually choose music, or Howard Stern, but I am honored that he chose me. But to address his well thought out, lucid points.

One, can we stop living almost three years in the past? I was not close to MORE nor Jia at the time, and I don't know if Jia knew much about me. But who cares? Obviously Portelos. It's 2016 gosh darn it!

But then Portelos blabbers asking me how it felt when Jia said;
"...back when rubber rooms existed."
Yeah, Jia said that, and if you listen at about the 6:26 mark, I corrected her.

But unlike Portelos, I (And the vast, vast majority of grown ups), not only have the cognitive ability to know when people actually make a mistake as to misspeaking, but I (as well as the vast, vast majority of grown ups), before I post something on social media always seek to verify what I am about to post lest I get caught holding my you-know-what in my hands like Portelos has for the gazillionth time.

If Portelos only had A) a better sound system in his car, B) Was able to clearly hear Jia's voice past all the voices in his head telling him how great he believes he is, or C) Taken the Taconic to Albany instead of the Thruway (less road noise) he would have heard Jia correcting herself just (LISTEN HERE!!) before I did.

To Jia, please accept my apologies for not originally hearing what you had said. For this transgression, and the shame it has brought upon my family, I offer you a pair of Neil Peart autographed drumsticks in return. Use them in good health (its a Jewish thing. You get new underwear, that is what is said)!

But why you might ask, is this pertinent to you, John and Jane Q. Schoolteacher? Because Portelos is screaming for attention help. He wants to debate Jia. He his desperate.

But there are some many Portelos' comedic acts to share on these pages, we have to wait for another day to discuss the debate.

But one last thing.

Why hasn't Portelos sent the same request for a debate to Unity? Why just MORE? As it is written on the UFT Solidarity website, Unity is invited to debate as well. Yet strangely, no invitation to Unity has been forthcoming as of press time.

The Crack Team, along with our Crack Team Consigliere, Tom Hagen, discussed whether or not MORE should entertain such a request. One thing popped into everyone's minds.

Let's see Portelos and his minions get 900 REAL (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Clark Kent are not, nor have ever been, UFT members!) signatures on the petition first. Yes, a daunting task, but perhaps Portelos can get some signatures in exchange for some entertainment? What is it he does well??

Hmmm...dropping his pants, again and again, and again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Am Live Tomorrow Night 2/3/16 On BlogTalkRadio

Tomorrow night at 11 PM EST I will be appearing live on the Total Tutor show on BlogTalRadio.

For those who do not know about the Total Tutor his show... heard in over 180 countries and has over 2 million listeners a week. The Total Education Network is syndicated on 100 plus stations. Here are some of the stations and markets the show is being played on 102.1 FM Tampa, 1630 AM Tampa, 107.1 Las Vegas, 1520 AM Las Vegas, 98.3 FM Macon, GA, 810 AM Macon, GA, 102.1 Lancaster PA, 1640 AM Lancaster PA, 100.7 FM Boulder, CO, 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, 107.5 FM Whaley UK, London, UK, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, Canada, Detroit, St. Pete, Mississippi, Oregon, Baltimore, Orlando, Wisconsin, and Kingston, Jamaica.

As host Neil Haley writes;

The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Bronx Teacher Peter Zucker about his Latest News.
Seasoned veteran elementary school teacher is up on 3020-a charges by the DOE’s Teacher Performance Unit. To add insult to injury, his charges were PRE-DETERMINED by Principal Dr. Allision Coviello of PS 154 in the Bronx. Peter is a terrific blogger and passionate about teachers’ rights and fights for students too. We are privileged to share his story of corruption and conspiracy. Go, Peter!
I am looking forward to speaking with Neil about how the Corporation Counsel and David Mou operate as well as the latest tidings regarding DR Alison Coviello as well as Michael Agona.

Listen live here! 

Call in here:  (805) 285-9736

Monday, February 1, 2016

NYC Corporation Counsel Attorney David Mou

I got an email from Bryan Glass last week. David Mou, the attorney for the Corporation Counsel had sent over a box of documents we have been waiting for since the beginning of time. I was excited. Finally, I would have some answers, some documents to peruse through, to find answers to questions I have had since August of 2012.

It was not to be. David Mou pulled off the biggest con.

Remember the movie "The Sting?" At the very beginning Robert Redford and his buddy Luther did the whole switcheroo with the money. Redford basically gave that guy tissues? That's kind of what Mou did to us. The old switcheroo.

We got 2,135 of pure unadulterated, grade A, 100% nothing.

All we got is what I had already. My hearing transcripts. My hearing decision. My file. The evidence that the DOE attorney entered into evidence (Though we did ask for it). The evidence the DOE attorney never entered into evidence. Nearly all the papers were printed out (THEY'RE TIME STAMPED!!!!!!) in 2013 or 2014.

Here is Mou's answers to our interrogatory and discovery requests. See what I mean? All lawyer babble. All a bunch of nothing.

What sucks is that I put in hours upon hours answering the interrogatories and getting the discovery requested for I have learned through the greatness of Bryan Glass that a persons moral compass should be above reproach.

Answer after answer of "client-lawyer privilege," "work secrets," "too broad a request," "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Mou does a better "blah-blah" than Alex Lifeson.

But this is all par for the course with the NYC Corporation Counsel and Mou.

The emails between Coviello and AP's are privileged? Between Coviello and Yolanda Torres are privileged?

We asked for stuff regarding Michael Agona, yet were rebuffed. Agona is a consultant for the DOE as well as a member of Office of Appeals and Review. HE IS PAID by the NYCDOE! Why are we not privy to that information?

We should be privy to what went down at IS 162. Yolanda Torres has no problem ruining my career but does everything in her power to save the careers of administrators at IS 162, even when there was a death involved.

Where are the ethics of those who are sworn to uphold the high standards of the New York State Bar?

Is this oath not to be taken seriously?
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I  will support the constitution of the  United States, and the constitution of th e State of New York, and that I will  faithfully discharge the duties of the office of [attorney and counselor-at-law],  according to the best of my ability."

Sad. So very sad. 


It's back, the Internet radio show you all loved.

This Thursday night, February 4, 2016 at 9:30 PM I will be interviewing Jia Lee as she shares her vision for the UFT, teachers, and education.

Listen Here!!

The call in # is (646) 716-9956

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Best Argument Ever Against Francesco Portelos and UFT Solidarity

It is not very often, I would say extremely rare if at all (maybe I had done it once or twice), that
someone left a comment on a post and I made a blog post of it.

It's happening today. Today, on the blog post, "The False Prophecy of UFT Solidarity and Francesco Portelos," left such a lucid, well thought out raison d'être why under any circumstances Portelos and UFT Solidarity should not, and cannot, win the upcoming UFT election, it left The Crack Team in tears which all culminated in a manly and emotional group hug.

The jumping of the UFT Solidarity ship, except for the few ardent, hardcore, mindless drones, will be epic following the UFT elections.

The following has been slightly altered, though not a word was changed.

Any vote for Francisco Portelos is at best a wasted vote since he is unable to gather the momentum to win any election. There is however, a worse case scenario for casting any vote his way. 

Portelos has demonstrated an inability to provide a vision other than one rooted in anger and confrontation. He draws support and resonates with some of the most disgruntled and psychologically unbalanced individuals. As these people serve his ego of being their champion he has created dissonance with those you do not support him through internet attacks of defamation and disparagement laying a large swath of collateral damage. 

 In fact, I would argue that the individuals damaged by his tactics represent a larger population than those he served. Furthermore, Portelos has alienated parents, administrators, and moderate educators with his tweets,blogs and verbalizations. He is the perfect fodder for the growing anti-union sentiment than exist today. He will create a self destructive energy that is counter productive to any sustainable UFT message.

Think of Portelos this way. He is blinded by his anger and ego like a raging bull. And as he charges the red cape in all his fury he has failed to see the sword in the Matadors other hand.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

I Got Called to the Principal's Office

On this past Friday, the last day of my 5th week in the school I am assigned to, I got called to the principal's office first thing in the morning.

As usual I arrived to the school about 15 minutes early and received my assignment for the day. I was to cover an absent teacher in a 1st grade ICT class. I said thank you to the secretary and headed downstairs to do my part. I put away my stuff and the students soon started arriving.

This was a breath of fresh air. Up until last Monday I had been covering a 3rd grade class whose teacher had suddenly left on maternity. Though I liked the kids, and the other 3rd grade teachers were quite supportive of me, I was blessed with the roughest 3rd grade class. Not that they were disrespectful to me or getting in fights or running out of the room, it was just they never stopped talking. This, I was told, was why the teacher suddenly left on maternity. She was ordered to bed rest by her doctor.

So has the little 1st graders were entering the room, and giving me that "Who is this guy?" look one of the AP's popped her head in the door and told me the principal wanted to see me in his office to give me an different assignment. OK, no problem I said to myself. I told the other teacher I had to leave and went upstairs to the main office.

As I was walking to the office I passed by the auditorium and saw the principal. I went up to him and said that I heard he needed to see me. He said yes, it was about a new assignment and to meet him upstairs. I told him yes, and went to the main office.

When I got there one of the secretary's told me to have a seat and to wait for him. I sat and wondered if it is just a different assignment why not just tell me then and there and let me be on my way.

Didn't happen.

The more I waited for the principal, the more I started to go over in my head what was "really" happening. My mind was in a swirl of possibilities that seemed all too real at the time.

I started to wonder of I had done something incorrect. The 3rd graders had seen me on the stairs the other day and a few of them gave me fist bumps. Maybe I returned the fist bumps too hard.

Maybe I had not given enough homework and a parent complained.

Maybe I had given too much homework and a parent complained.

Perhaps I had given a Double-Stuffed Oreo to the wrong student who was allergic to Oreos

Or the fact that the Double-Stuffed Oreo was a holiday Oreo with the red creme and I committed a micro-aggression by giving an atheist, or non-Christian a Oreo that obviously was conforming to a Christian celebration and went home crying.

Do I need the CL for the meeting? Is this a trick to tell me that my assignment is being changed just to lull me into some kind of trap? Am I being sent back to the Rubber Room?

All this stuff went through my head, and more.

Worse, I felt my heart racing like it had never done before.

Then, the principal showed. He gave me my new assignment. A 2nd grade ICT class. Whew! Why couldn't he just tell me this when I saw in in the auditorium??

I hate, hate, hate this feeling now that I get every time anyone from above wants to talk to me. I understand the the saying "keep your guard up," but this is ridiculous. I know this is PTSD and I don't want to harp on me. I know there are teachers and others much more worse off than I.

This is no way to go through my, or anyone's, remaining years with the DOE.

It's natural to wonder "what did I do" when you are told to see an admin, I get it. But the swirl I got, I had never gotten something like that before. In the past, I had been able to self-correct, to find that ability to stop and think rationally. I was unable to on Friday.

I had been through both parents dying as well as three dear friends dying within 2 years of each other and never felt this bad before. My wife was sexually abused and has PTSD from that. I feel guilty that something so benign as compared to what she went through has put me in this state. This feeling on Friday went beyond the typical Jewish neurosis.

The DOE must be held accountable for this. Not just for me, but for the others who are in the same position. Just as importantly, the UFT should step up to the plate and be proactive with teachers that are hurting. Yeah, I've been down that road before, there needs to be some union pro-activity.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SBSB Calls for UFT Solidarity Candidate Victor Jordan to Step Down Immediately!!!

As Norm Scott reported, the MORE meeting this past Saturday was awesome. This is a caucus that is a true bottom up democratic caucus without egos and without agendas. All voices are heard.

Maybe that is why UFT Solidarity candidate for Treasurer, Victor Jordan, decided to show up for the meeting.

I was a little late for the start of the meeting. I left White Plains a little after 11 AM and hit some traffic on the way. I missed the beginning of Jia Lee's presentation on evaluations but was riveted by what I caught (Just an aside, this is what the teachers need, a leader that is able to not only articulate the wants and needs of teachers in many methods and styles. One size does not fit all) .

But anyway, as I was signing in I looked to my right and noticed someone else signing in as well. When I turned to look at him and noticed it was Victor Jordan. Yes, the above mentioned Victor Jordan of UFT Solidarity. He looked at me and suddenly, like King Arthur's men in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," ran away thinking I must have been some killer bunny.

Now for full disclosure. I had the pleasure of meeting Victor Jordan last month at Giovanni's on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. UFT Solidarity was having a Lonely Hearts meeting there and like wanting to drive slowly past a car wreck on the Deegan I just had to see it to believe it.

I had attempted to commiserate with Victor, ask him about his qualifications. Whether or not he is a member of the UFT and whether or not he is actually an attorney. He would not share, but shared, or rather inferred, that his resume is a fabrication.

Oh, and I counted the lack of people that showed and this got Francesco Portelos' knickers in a bunch and then got me kicked out. And when I was talking to one of his groupies outside he started to take photos and I shared with him that he is #1.

But I have digressed too much. 

Man did he bolt. But fortune was with me Saturday.

Seeing how there was no food to be had yet, I decided to get a dog with mustard and kraut on the corner. I had the fortuitous luck of riding down the elevator with him. Again, I asked Victor if he is a member of the UFT. He again refused to answer. Curious.

He said he had made a mistake, that he thought he was coming for a workshop of some kind. Now, it was advertised what Jia would be presenting, but why would this dashing, cosmopolitan, yet to be a member of the bar, not a member of the UFT, hack be interested in evaluations? And why would he travel from the outer boroughs to mid-town and suddenly claim that he had "an important meeting to attend to."

Yeah, he was sent to my his Leader. We all know that. But that is still not what is most irksome.

What is irksome it that Victor Jordan has no business being a candidate for UFT office. He is not a dues paying member of the UFT and has no business giving false hope to teachers across the city.

He claims he is receiving a pension, yet as one can see by Victor's resume he started teaching in 1985. That would make Victor  Tier IV. Tier IV does not collect a pension, (that is if Victor is vested. He taught until 1995 and stopped showing up and was soon terminated) until the age of 62. All our sources have shared that Victor is a few years short of collecting a pension. Oh, and there is no way he could have put in for the 55/25.

We here at SBSB are officially calling for Victor Jordan to step aside of a candidate for Treasurer of UFT Solidarity posthaste as well as a thorough investigation by the UFT Solidarity whatever to see how Victor Jordan was vetted and how he slipped through any verification and by what method and by whom that Victor Jordan was chosen.

This is more than Victor Jordan wanting to "play" UFT officer. He is giving false hope to thousands of teachers in New York City.

And just as bad, this shows how unready that UFT Solidarity is for the big time for not properly vetting it's candidates.